Using refractive index to ensure quality & safety in blood plasma intermediate ultrafiltration

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Learn how Vaisala compact refractometers can provide accurate in-line measurements of protein concentrations in blood plasma applications.   

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Blood plasma is often used to produce fractionated pharmaceutical products, including human serum albumin (HSA), immunoglobulin G (IgG), thrombin enzymatic subclasses, and protease inhibitors. End products derived of blood plasma are used to prevent and treat life-threatening conditions such as clotting disorders, immune disorders, infectious conditions, and tissue degeneration diseases. Process conditions during collection, processing, and storage of blood plasma should be carefully monitored because temperature variations can affect the plasma quality. The retentate concentration must be monitored because it affects the permeability of smaller molecules through ultrafiltration membranes.  

To help meet label specifications, ensure the quality and safety of the product, and optimize operating costs, Vaisala compact refractometers can provide accurate in-line measurements of protein concentrations.  The refractometers provide real-time measurements and process trend data that allow operators to control and adjust concentration throughout filtration.

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Markus Huuhtanen

Markus Huuhtanen

Business Development Manager

Markus Huuhtanen works as a Business Development Manager responsible for Vaisala’s Liquid Measurements business in Food & Beverage, Semiconductor and Life Science industries. He holds two Master of Science degrees, in Technology and in Economics and Business Administration. Markus has been working at Vaisala over 7 years and is enthusiastic about optical measurement technologies and how they can help customer processes save resources.