AI-Powered Collection and Analysis of Road Data

Mobile data and computer vision provide dynamic road management from analysis of transportation infrastructure to monitoring of dynamic road states and weather conditions.

Simplified Road Data Collection, Automated Data Analysis and Mapping

Let technology provide a shortcut to assessing your network by automatically identifying assets on your network such as signs, road cracks and potholes. Video data is collected through a mobile application, as well as from your own collection system. Visual data is analyzed automatically and presented in your RoadAI portal where you can view the state of the network and inspect asset position and condition. RoadAI provides solutions to the most difficult challenges organizations are facing related to infrastructure management, efficiency of operations, and improving and maintaining roadway safety.

Computer vision - hands on wheel

Collect Visual Data and Notes

Fast and hassle free capture of network imagery.

  • Safe in car operation
  • Smart phone compatibility
  • HD videos and notes to map
  • Share and browse data
  • Geo-referenced notes
  • Integrate other sensors

Road Surface Cracks

Video data is analyzed by computer vision to identify and localize road surface cracking.

  • High-level view of your complete network
  • Heat maps display where cracking is most prevalent
  • All done without leaving your desk

Pothole Detection

Pothole analysis from video imagery provides detailed insights related to the condition of your network's roadways.

  • Complete picture of network in near real-time
  • Results are available in hours from recording
  • Allows evidence based prioritization of...


Data privacy is ensured by autonomous anonymization of private data such as people and vehicles. Privacy of the individual is a primary concern for all organizations. If you have a need to anonymize video or camera imagery (e.g. for EU GDPR) we make it...

Traffic Sign Inventory

Automated identification and classification of road signs and their position on the network.

  • Available through the RoadAI portal and API
  • Generate traffic sign inventories effortlessly
  • Detect changes and receive notifications of missing signs

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RoadAI - Mobile data collection system, powered by artificial intelligence

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Future Outlook

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