Ship Instrumentation & Offshore Systems

Accurate offshore observations via ship instrumentation mean safe and efficient maritime operations in all weather.

Demanding Conditions Require Accurate Weather Intelligence

Offshore maritime operations are demanding even on the best of days, and experts know adverse weather is normal. Accurate, reliable meteorological and oceanographic observations are vital for planning safe helicopter flights, lifting operations, navigation, vessel dockings, and various subsea operations.

You need real-time observations and automatic alarms to help manage these operations safely. Vaisala’s Offshore Observation System and ship instrumentation enable informed, timely forecasting and decision making for weather-critical operations both off and on shore.

Our instruments and systems comply with the CAP 437/746 and Norwegian Standard for HMS systems. In addition, we provide full solutions with the service you require. From site surveys to implementation and commissioning at offshore platforms, every step is handled with our unmatched expertise.

View over bridge of shipping vessel on sunny day
Vaisala team collaborating and meeting in glass conference room

Make the Best Possible Offshore Operations Decisions

Vaisala’s Offshore Observation System and ship instrumentation empower you to make informed, timely decisions for weather-critical operations. Get connected with the best solution for your needs today.


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