Offshore Wind Farm Build-up and Maintenance

As the wind industry expands offshore, larger turbines and deeper waters make weather intelligence even more critical for operational decision-making.

    Offshore made smarter


    With new global demand, Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIV) face intense pressures to avoid costly delays and risk, and offshore maintenance and transportation operations require nowcasting and accurate weather insights to minimize downtime and improve safety.

    Vaisala’s solutions for wind awareness, thunderstorm tracking and warning, and helideck operations are tailored to reduce the total cost of energy and make offshore wind energy safer and more cost-effective. From port operations to vessel safety, craning, and helidecks, Vaisala is taking the industry into the offshore frontier.

    Remote wind intelligence



    At sea, the wind can be merciless and a lack of local observations creates challenges to the accurate forecasting of the wind profile within the first few hundred meters above sea level. WindCube is the wind energy industry’s best and most trusted wind profiling lidar (light detection and ranging) for providing exceptional maritime wind awareness under any conditions.

    Suitable for port or vessel mounting, WindCube is compact and ruggedized for the harshest conditions and can easily be repurposed for multiple campaigns. It comes with WindCube Insights — Fleet software, which provides simple, rapid access to wind speed/direction data for anyone on your team.

    Lightning detection anywhere



    Lightning is a critical parameter to tracking thunderstorm activity. Thunderstorms pose a safety risk to personnel, potential damage to assets, and possible high winds — all of which can cause costly delays. Vaisala’s Thunderstorm Manager and GLD360 Global Lightning Detection Network provide accurate, real-time guidance and planning for helicopters, lifting operations, crew exchanges, and other crucial operations.

    Thunderstorm Manager and GLD360 are the industry’s most accurate and trusted solutions for offshore operations, providing unmatched location accuracy. With them, these traditionally risky operations are made much safer and more cost-effective.

    Helidecks and transportation



    Getting assets and people to and from an offshore site can be perilous and costly. Vaisala’s Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) provides real-time data for the most important weather parameters, addressing a significant source of risk and allowing for the smooth transportation when it matters most.

    Built on proven Vaisala sensors, HMS is an automatic weather station providing crucial information for piloting, equipment transfer, and personnel movement along decking and ingress/egress paths. It is enhanced with simple, modern software for data management and decision-making.

    Optimizing offshore wind farm construction and maintenance with more accurate weather insights

    eBook: Get The Accurate Weather Insights For offshore Wind Park Construction

    Wind farm development is booming — especially offshore where the weather is harsh and less predictable. Hazardous winds, lightning and storms risk safety and efficiency, and delays and repairs can easily cost millions. From construction to maintenance, the key to maximizing safety and efficiency is accurate and reliable weather insights in every phase of the journey.

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