Filter cake washing


After crystallization, the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) crystals are washed. Washing separates the crystal cake from mother liquor and impurities and washing results in the required high purity API.

Download our application note and learn how, by utilizing real-time concentration measurements by Vaisala Polaris™ Refractometer, pharmaceutical manufacturers can:


  • Develop, monitor and control cake washing operations for maximum yield and minimum product dissolution during wash
  • Gain understanding of process variations and their impact on the product
  • Identify the most suitable washing solvents
  • Gain process understanding for creating wash profiles
  • Optimize washing operation and reduce solvent consumption
  • Determine optimal washing parameter and end-point to avoid operational bottlenecks

The application note explains in more detail the benefits of using refractive index in pharmaceutical manufacturing and why refractometer is ideal for liquid-solid operations. The note also includes recommended installation points for best performance.

Download the application note (PDF) by filling the form.

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