In-line Brix measurement in flavored yogurt and dairy desserts production

Yogurt is a very popular product with a variety of flavors. In order to satisfy consumer striving for new tastes, dairy desserts producers have to diversify their product range and adopt new technologies to improve the productivity and efficiency of the production lines.  

Usually, yogurts are made of whole, standardized or skim milk. Yogurts are then flavored with fresh fruit, jam, juice, honey, syrup   or   other   sweeteners and packed for sale. The Brix concentration measurement of flavored yogurt can be measured real-time in-line with no disturbance caused by fruit bits, seeds or berries.

In-line Brix measurement for consistent product quality in yogurts and desserts

Download the application note to learn about the benefits of Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer in yogurt production, namely: 

  • ensuring consistent final quality control 
  • control over correct sweetener dosing and yogurt to fruit ratio 
  • detecting product-to-product and product-to-CIP liquid interfaces (see application note Food and Beverage Interface Detection). 

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