In-line concentration measurement for wine interface detection with CIP control

Different wine products may be bottled using one filling station. Highly automated filling operations are required for efficient handling of the wine bottling. This includes control over the cleaning process before every new product comes to bottling, and to avoid product mixing. 

In-line product-to-product, product-to-water and product-to-CIP interface detection  

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer instantly detects the product-to-product and product-to-CIP (clean-in-place) cleaning interfaces, and thus eliminates the need for a shutdown between wine sorts switching and cleaning operations.  
The refractometer assures the correct concentration of the product and activates immediately the end product filling with its 4-20 mA or Ethernet signal. This way, resource and cost efficiency, as well as product quality control is achieved.  

Our refractometer is 3-A Sanitary and EHEDG certified to meet the highest hygiene requirements for beverage production. Brix monitoring with our refractometer serves the following needs of the wine production process: 

  • quality control monitoring 
  • ensuring a correct product and bottle combinations 
  • increased productivity
  • compliance with product specifications 
  • filling station quality control 
  • monitoring and control of the Clean-In-Place (CIP) cleaning process 

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