In-line Brix measurement in carbonated soft and alcoholic drinks production

Consumers are constantly seeking for new tastes in beverages. Carbonated soft and alcoholic drinks producers need to follow the new trends and make drinks production more efficient by implementing new technologies. 

Utilizing in-line Brix measurements for real-time quality control and monitoring 

Production of drinks by mixing alcoholic beverage, water and juice or soft drinks requires fast and reliable product identification and set-point detection. Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer combined with automatic controls can bring a range of benefits to the soft drink mix production: 

  • assure correct ingredients blending  
  • achieve consistent product quality
  • minimize transmix of products 
  • detect instantly the product-to-product and product-to-CIP cleaning interfaces 
  • reduce waste 
  • reduce the filling times 
  • assure correct product and bottle combinations 
  • decrease safety risks 
  • reduce sampling  
  • minimize operator errors 

Monitoring of product Brix with the  refractometer  allows  for  instantaneous  and  real-time filling station quality control. 

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