Desugarization of molasses by chromatographic separation

Betaine (Trimethylglycine), found in sugar beets and used as an animal feed, in cosmetics, or in fertilizers can be separated using chromatographic separation or ion-exclusion.

In the desugarization processing step performed in the ion exchange column, Quentin, the potassium and sodium in beet juice are replaced with magnesium to reduce sugar’s solubility in water.

Advanced process control confirms stable syrup concentration, which increases the performance of the ion exchange column.

Desugarization of molasses by chromatographic separation

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer measures in-line and real-time Brix measurement to improve the chromatographic separation and successfully recover betaine.

The note also includes recommended Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer installation points for best performance.

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