Adverse Weather in Aviation

Maintain the safety and efficiency of the most central airport operations when severe weather rolls in.

The Right Solutions for Severe Weather Events


Adverse weather, either sudden or slow onset, puts lives at risk. It causes cost-prohibitive and inconvenient delays, and it severely impacts air traffic control’s decision making. However, with the right tools in hand, you can prepare for lightning, hail, wind, fog, and other dangerous weather conditions.

The best tools for the job, individually or combined, are Vaisala AviMet complete weather management solutions. They make aviation safer and more efficient.

In addition to obvious airspace hazards, ground operations are often overlooked when it comes to safety. Staff members working in an open airport are the perfect target for dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. Keep everyone safer and streamline operations with Vaisala solutions

Planes backed up on a wet runway in rain
Vaisala AviMet Windshear eBook cover

The Increasing Challenge of Windshear

Windshear is more critical to manage now than ever. Learn how the right kind of situational awareness can help ensure safety and smoother airport operations.

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