Green and smart cities

A busy crossing and traffic in a big city

As population, traffic, and finance concentrate increasingly in the same areas, it affects the conditions and weather dependency in cities.. On the other hand, the concentration of population, traffic, and industrial processes brings on changes in weather and environmental conditions, such as air quality.

Vaisala’s response to green and smart cities

Vaisala provides reliable instruments, systems, and digital solutions to measure and model air quality, road weather, as well as urban weather and microclimates. This helps smart cities to overcome their challenges with urbanization and make informed decisions regarding sustainability, economic growth, safety, and well-being.

We offer diverse and advanced measurement technologies for buildings, industrial environments, and automatized industrial processes. Such environments include, for example, smart buildings, subway networks, industrial hubs, and large manufacturing facilities. In addition, we support sustainable construction in cities: Vaisala’s smart and wireless solution monitors the structural moisture of concrete and saves the data safely in a cloud service, provided by Vaisala.