Windshear in aviation: Meeting the challenge

Weather & Environment

Windshear is a persistent risk for aviation: It occurs at a height, and under flying conditions when aircraft are most vulnerable during takeoff and landing. Large commercial airliners might be unable to recover from such drastic disruptions, endangering safety, and spiraling costs.

Windshear detection systems help airport decision-makers understand and prepare for these weather conditions to keep operations safe and efficient. The ideal system leverages several different detection methods, integrates a range of local weather conditions and other factors, and is customized to an airport’s unique conditions and needs.

Join us for this engaging and informative webinar, where we will discuss:

  • Windshear challenges: origins, current standards, and impact on aircraft performance
  • Example use cases for effective windshear detection
  • How high-quality, local weather detection systems help increase safety and efficiency

Who should attend:

Airport decision makers and operators, air traffic control and airline professionals, meteorological service managers, meteorologists, forecasters, and anyone interested in aviation safety.


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Webinar speakers:

Dr Ludovic Thobois, Scientific manager at Leosphere - a Vaisala Company

Dr Ludovic Thobois

Product Manager for IRIS Focus, Vaisala

Dr. Ludovic Thobois received a Ph.D. Thesis from INP Toulouse, France in Fluid dynamics (2006). He studied large-eddy simulations of turbulent flows close to surfaces without and with chemistry. He joined in 2011 the advanced research division of LEOSPHERE as the scientific studies manager.

He was in charge of developing new post-processing techniques for providing more accurate and relevant observations from LIDAR raw data.

He is an active participant in several working groups in Europe in charge of exploring the capabilities of new remote sensors for meteorology and aviation weather applications. He was for example involved in several SESAR work packages related to the measurements of wake vortex and the detection of wind shear at several airports in Europe including Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

He is also involved in a COST European action related to the cooperation of European countries in science and technology for the study of remote sensing in future observing networks for weather & climate.

Timo Lindfors

Timo Lindfors

Application manager

Timo Lindfors is a 20-year employee of Vaisala with a background in the company’s research and development projects on dropsondes, sounding systems, services development and aviation systems. As part of Vaisala’s Aviation team, Timo has been involved with numerous windshear projects with customers worldwide to review and plan how to implement the best fit-for-use windshear systems.