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Featured speakers

Elvira Aliverdieva

Elvira Aliverdieva

Product & Offering Specialist, Renewable Energy PMA, Vaisala

Elvira joined Vaisala’s marketing department in Paris after finishing ESSEC Business School in France. She has previous experience in marketing & sales support in the renewable energy and technology-related sectors, specifically focusing on market analysis, marketing strategy and business development.

She joined Vaisala in 2020 to participate in market and offering management activities and support the company’s renewable energy product positioning. She is also serving as a liaison between the company’s scientific and business development teams.

Andy Chang

Andy Chang

Performance Measurements Technical Leader GE Renewable Energy, Onshore Wind
Iain Campbell

Iain Campbell

Senior Technical Analyst & Wind Resource Manager, RES
Atsushi Yoshimura

Atsushi Yoshimura

Manager, Green Power Investment Co., Ltd

How are customers using WindCube now?

WindCube customers continue to demonstrate how lidar is leveraged in a variety of wind projects, supporting the increasing acceptance of lidar across the globe. Join us as three wind energy leaders discuss how lidar is positively impacting their wind campaigns, yielding measurable benefits and long-term results.

Learn how RES, Green Power Investment, and GE Renewable Energy have successfully:


  • Deployed standalone lidar to obtain a bankable energy yield report, achieve financial close and sell a wind farm project
  • Demonstrated that modern lidar is safer, faster, and less expensive than traditional met masts
  • Implemented an innovative dual scanning lidar approach for Wind Resource Assessment, resulting in a comprehensive picture of wind resource profiles by observing an offshore location from several positions
  • GE acceptance of the WindCube Nacelle lidar for Power Performance Testing of onshore wind turbines



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