Sensing the weather: How better awareness improves airport operations

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Weather & Environment

Every airport in the world strives toward the same goal: On-time and safe operations. But hazardous weather conditions can risk safety or bring operations to a halt.

Reliable and accurate weather awareness reduces the impact of bad weather, helping to ensure smooth airport operations and avoid downtime. Remote sensing can fill the gaps in situational awareness at and immediately surrounding an airport, enabling better decisions.

Join our next webinar, where three industry experts will be talking about:

  • The increasing challenge of weather hazards in aviation
  • How radar plays an essential part in situational awareness during constantly changing conditions
  • Recent advancements in remote sensing technology

Who should attend:
Airport decision makers and operators, air traffic control professionals, and anyone interested in aviation safety.





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Webinar speakers:

Pekka Puhakka

Pekka Puhakka

Application manager

Pekka Puhakka is an experienced commercial pilot with over 3500 flight hours. His latest position was with the Finnish national airline, Finnair, as a co-pilot of Airbus A320 and A330 until the global COVID crisis led to most pilot positions in Finland being temporarily furloughed. 

In addition to his role as a pilot, Pekka also has over 15 years of experience working at Vaisala where he has been working in the field of  ground based weather radar systems since 2006. 

Pekka has Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Helsinki and Licentiate degree in Radio Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. His 2008 thesis was about the calibration of the polarimetric weather radar. Pekka completed his professional pilot studies in Finland and Sweden between 2006-2007.

Application manager Pekka Rossi, Vaisala

Pekka Rossi

Application Manager, Weather Radars

Pekka Rossi, PhD, is a weather radar application manager with the special area of expertise in weather radar based nowcasting. Before joining Vaisala, Pekka worked for six years as a weather radar expert at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), where his duties included scientific research of weather radar and lightning-based applications.

Pekka received his MSc in Electrical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in 2009, and his PhD in Automation and Systems Technology from Aalto University in 2015. The topic of his PhD thesis relates to automatic nowcasting of thunderstorms using weather radar and lightning location data. During his PhD studies he also completed a minor in Meteorology at University of Helsinki.

Juhani Polvinen

Juhani Polvinen

Juhani Polvinen has a Master’s Degree in Meteorology from the University of Helsinki.  Before joining Vaisala, he worked as a weather radar specialist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. With over 17 years of experience at Vaisala, Juhani has become an expert in aviation meteorology focusing on low level windshear and its effects on airport operations. He has worked in close co-operation with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) when developing low level windshear solutions for Vaisala. Juhani has been working closely with airport operators around the world and is an expert on airport operations, especially related to the challenges caused by adverse weather.