Vaisala Radiosonde RS41 E-models: 66% less plastic, same world-class data

Upper Air Radiosondes RS41 and RS41 E-models
Weather & Environment

Let’s talk about the first radiosonde with biodegradable cover and twine.

Innovation is taking sustainability to new heights. Join our next webinar for an inside look at the new Vaisala Radiosonde RS41 E-models, which include BioCover™, our patent-pending, plastic-free and biodegradable radiosonde cover and insulation, and BioTwine™, the plastic-free and biodegradable unwinder twine to help reduce waste originating from sounding operations.

What we will cover:


  • Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology will talk about the importance of sustainability in their sounding operations, plus their experience and role in developing the new RS41 E-models with Vaisala.
  • Vaisala experts will give an in-depth presentation of the RS41 E-models and how they can easily replace standard Radiosonde RS41 models.
  • RS41 E-models are supported by Vaisala Cirrus® Sounding System MW51. We will highlight how to receive, process, and visualize data simultaneously from multiple Vaisala radiosondes using a new multisounding feature for the most accurate upper-air observations


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Featured Speakers:

Mika Hemming

Mika Hemming

Product Manager, Soundings

Mika Hemming is a product manager for Radiosondes. He has over 20 years of experience in a variety of weather measurement devices, ranging from instruments to automatic weather stations and radiosondes. Mika holds a Master of Science degree in Agriculture and Forestry, Technology.

Tomi Liljemark

Tomi Liljemark

Product Manager, Soundings

Tomi Liljemark is a product manager for the sounding ground equipment. He has over 20 years of experience in a variety of weather measurement solutions, ranging from measurement instruments to cloud based software. Tomi holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology.

Andrew Winchester


Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

Andrew Winchester is an Asset Manager at the Bureau of Meteorology, with 17 years of experience in operating and managing upper air, solar, and ozone equipment across 38 sites (including 4 in Antarctica). Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography and Meteorology.