Humidity measurements for the smart factory

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Industrial Measurements

We are in the middle of a Digitalization transformation in the manufacturing industry. The amount of information collected from the production processes is increasing all the time. This information is utilized in smart processes for machine learning, self-diagnostics, self-optimization, and predictive maintenance. The benefits of this are reflected in the improved productivity of the optimized process. 

While the digitalization is progressing fast, some industries continue to favor legacy technology, as established practices are proven to be safe and reliable. However, this limits the development of new innovative solutions that could ultimately lead to a more reliable and predictable outcome.
In this webinar, Product Engineer Joni Partanen goes through things that need to be taken into account in order to get the most out of the Smart humidity measurement for the needs of the digitalized industry.


•Automation systems in the past, present, and future
•Communication: Analog vs. digital
•How to configure a Modbus device

•Modbus-protocol and practical examples

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Joni Partanen

Product Manager

Joni Partanen is a Product Manager at Vaisala. He is responsible for the development of humidity and vaporized hydrogen peroxide measuring products. He has over 16 years of experience in process industry measurement technology, industrial engineering, and instrumentation. Joni holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Automation Technology.