A gentle walk through the world of AQ monitoring with sensors - operation, characterization and certification

Air Quality Monitoring With Sensors
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The third Vaisala air quality webinar  focuses on air quality monitoring with sensors presented by Brian Stacey, Knowledge Leader for Ricardo's Air Quality measurement team.

For this webinar, Brian will talk about his experiences with using sensors, starting with initial work in the 1990’s, occupational exposure assessments, mobile monitoring, the challenges of calibration, the bigger challenges of operation and the impossible challenge of standardization.

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Webinar Speaker Brian Stacey

Brian Stacey

Knowledge Leader for Ricardo's Air Quality measurement team

Brian Stacey is the Knowledge Leader for Ricardo's AQ measurement team, which delivers air quality measurements for many of the UK national monitoring programs. Brian has nearly 30 years of experience in the AQ monitoring business, ranging from QA/QC, data management and network operations. He is active in the development of measurement standard methods for gases, PM and pervasive sensors within the European Standardisation networks and contributes to the EC National Reference Laboratories Network (AQUILA). He is currently pursuing a part-time PhD at Birmingham University, sponsored by Heathrow Airport, to investigate the nature of ultrafine particles emitted from aircraft.