A Future-Proof Monitoring System: Ensuring Your System can Adapt to the Future of GxP

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The drive towards Electronic Records and Signatures, combined with technological advances in networking, cloud computing, and virtualization, is inevitably changing how drugs and medical devices are manufactured.  GxP Monitoring is changing in parallel to the evolving landscape of modern GxP manufacturing.  It is critical that we understand this evolution so that we can select future-proof  monitoring solutions. 


This can be achieved through three major pathways:


1) Integration of multiple device inputs to maximize potential applications

2) Interoperability with other systems to ensure secure information exchange

3) Flexibility of process and system architectures to match the business and network landscape 


This is the pathway to ensure that your monitoring system is adaptable now and in future, rather than at risk for obsolescence.

Learn how system integration and device interoperability can make environmental monitoring systems more adaptable.


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Paul Daniel, Vaisala

Senior GxP Regulatory Compliance Expert

Paul Daniel has worked in the GMP-regulated industries for over 25 years helping manufacturers apply good manufacturing practices in a wide range of qualification projects.  His specialties include mapping, monitoring, and computerized systems.  At Vaisala, Paul oversees and guides the validation program for the Vaisala viewLinc environmental monitoring system.  He serves as a customer advocate to ensure the viewLinc environmental monitoring system matches the demanding requirements of life science and regulated applications.  Paul is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in biology.