Dual scanning lidar to increase accuracy and efficiency for offshore wind campaigns

Wind and Solar Energy 

Scanning lidar is widely leveraged for Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) campaigns – both in offshore-from-the-shore and platform-based applications. The reason? It can measure at great distances and provide full spatial wind data for almost any purpose.

The use of two scanning lidars, or dual lidar, is increasing as it provides an even more comprehensive and accurate profile of the wind resource by observing the measurement area from several positions.

But when would you use dual lidar and what are its unique advantages? 

Join Leosphere, a Vaisala company, along with industry experts as we cover:

•    Dual lidar science, operation, and optimal field use
•    How it provides a more complete and accurate picture of wind resource profiles, including Turbulence Intensity
•    Offshore-from-the-shore WRA use case plus emerging onshore applications 

Who should attend?
•    Wind developers, energy consultants and leaders, turbine manufacturers and financiers

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