Biomethane / RNG webinar: Making the most of your biogas upgrading process.

Biomethane / RNG upgrading plant. Plant operator walking in the snow in the foreground.
Biogas Production

The appeal of biomethane / RNG as an energy source is driven both by economic & sustainability factors. The current gas & energy crisis has put biomethane even more in the center of attention, and made it an even stronger part of the overall green shift, the move away from fossil-based fuels and especially natural gas.

Join our expert webinar, presented by Vaisala's Antti Heikkilä to find out key strategies and practical lessons learned from around the world for upgrading biogas to fuel-grade biomethane / renewable natural gas (RNG). 


Key takeaways:

  • Renewable gas market review 
  • Upgrading strategies and technologies
  • Managing your upgrading process the smart way
  • Practical measures to minimize costly and harmful methane slip
  • Ongoing developments in biomethane / RNG
  • Live Q&A


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Antti Heikkilä

Antti Heikkilä is a Product manager at Vaisala, focusing on multigas infrared instruments and new market areas. He has over 15 years of experience in process and emission monitoring instruments and infrared gas analysis and holds a M.Sc. degree in Physical Chemistry. He is an active member of multiple international standardization workgroups (both ISO and CEN) on air quality and greenhouse gas measurements.

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