Man in a data center

Digitalization changes the behavior and operation of consumers and companies. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to connect devices through cloud services. Data can also be utilized and combined in new ways, enabling the creation of new kinds of digital services.

Vaisala’s response to digitalization

Vaisala’s weather observation networks provide data for governmental organizations, research organizations, and the public. Our air quality and weather sensors can be connected seamlessly to the needs of smart cities, new data sources, and IoT technologies. Vaisala’s computer vision application helps to optimize road maintenance and provides accurate data for autonomous vehicles.

In industrial measurements, we provide interfaces for our customers’ systems, enabling reliable data transfer between systems and smooth process control. For example in the strictly regulated pharmaceutical industry, digital records and reporting provide substantial improvements for our customers’ operations. Vaisala’s instruments monitor also the conditions and energy efficiency of data centers that maintain our whole digital environment.