Renewable energy forecasts and historical data

    Be Data-Driven

    Better data leads to better business decisions. Vaisala Historian and Forecaster tools, part of our Xweather family of weather and environmental data services, employ robust modeling techniques and super-computing capabilities to achieve the superior quality of the data captured in our Renewable Energy solution tools.

    Asset Owners

    Vaisala’s Historian and Forecaster tools for wind and solar provide critical information about current and future conditions, enabling asset owners to make confident business decisions to maximize output and business value, while minimizing risk.

    Energy Traders

    Vaisala’s renewable energy solutions deliver deep historic data and highly accurate forecasts for both specific site locations and entire regions, allowing for in-depth and thorough analysis of past conditions and projected outputs for wind and solar energy projects.

    Project managers and developers

    Optimize wind and solar asset output and maintenance with the historic data and accurate forecasts of Vaisala’s renewable energy tools. Year-over-year comparisons allow for quick identification of underperforming assets, while forecasts from 5 minutes to 10 days in the future help predict project success and facilitate ongoing maintenance activities.


    Vaisala’s long-term weather data sets support financial hedging for renewable energy projects. Our high quality, long-term wind, solar, and weather datasets provide project owners with the information to create an accurate, objective estimate of a project’s future performance and variability to aid in the structuring and settlement of financial hedges.