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Annual Lightning Report 2021

Our most comprehensive lightning report to date reports 2.41 billion lightning events globally and 194 million lightning events in the U.S. in 2021. From record-breaking lightning in the Arctic to severe wildfire outbreaks - explore how accurate lightning data is an essential tool to measure extreme weather related to climate change.


Real-Time Lightning Detection & Data

For more than 30 years, Vaisala has created the most accurate lightning detection products and services. Our customers trust Vaisala technology to help them make critical operational and safety decisions based on real-time storm and lightning data. Whatever your needs, the Vaisala team can help you create your own monitoring network or leverage the power of our real-time global lightning data. Applications include:

  • Airport operations
  • Weather forecasting
  • Emergency response
  • Incident investigation
  • Maritime operations
Global Lightning Density Map

Global Lightning Density Map

You can find out more about lightning around the globe by visiting the fascinating new global total lightning density map from Vaisala. Never before has it been possible to reliably compare lightning on a national basis everywhere.

Annual Lightning Report 2020

Lightning Fast Facts

Learn how with better understanding of lightning through precise detection, we can tell where, when, and how often it occurs, and take action based on this information.


ILDC/ILMC Conference

The ILDC/ILMC (International Lightning Detection Conference/International Lightning Meteorology Conference) is a scientific conference focused on lightning detection topics and meteorological applications for lightning data.

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