Real-time Weather & Runway Condition Data

Highly accurate thunderstorm tracking and runway condition reporting to promote aviation safety and efficient airport operations.


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    Real-Time Awareness

    Vaisala aviation weather solutions give airport officials highly reliable and up-to-date information to make decisions that maximize safety and minimize downtime. Whether it’s real-time data about impending thunderstorms or an accurate assessment of runway conditions, Vaisala solutions promote safer, more efficient airport operations.


    Decisions with Confidence

    Weather-related downtime represents a costly interruption to normal airport operations. Thunderstorm Manager and Mobile GRF/TALPA Reporter both minimize these interruptions by providing real-time data about severe weather and runway conditions so airport officials can quickly make high-stakes decisions with confidence.

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    ICAO’s GRF Framework in Practice

    Are you ready for the new reporting format effective November 2021? Learn how to achieve not only compliance, but greater safety in runway operations.

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    Safe and Efficient Airport Operations

    SUCCESS STORY: See how the Kenya Meteorological Department accurately and confidently monitors weather across multiple airports.