Combating COVID-19 with H2O2 vapor bio-decontamination

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According to the World Health Organization's interim guidance on laboratory biosafety, disinfection procedures for COVID-19 should include "Appropriate disinfectants with proven activity against enveloped viruses ... (e.g. hypochlorite (bleach), alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium compounds and phenolic compounds)."

Cleamix Oy, Finnish manufacturer of portable hydrogen peroxide vapor generators and a bio-decontamination service provider, uses Vaisala's HPP270 series hydrogen peroxide vapor sensors to control vapor output and monitor process conditions in areas under bio-decontamination.

We recently spoke with Cleamix CEO Panu Wilska about the company’s work with Korea’s Center for Disease Control (KCDC) in the wake of the corona virus outbreak.

“The KCDC has BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories with a total volume 2500 m3,” says Wilska. “Our bio-decontamination contract with our local partner BioAll included both. The labs were about in equal size, with multiple separate rooms, airlocks and corridors. To decontaminate we used four portable networked Cleamix vapor generators. Because we had no prior performance data on these areas, the initial dimensions were roughly 125m3 per generator, which was gradually increased to 200m3 and over per unit in successive segments.

“During the bio-decontamination process, the HPP270 probes showed that the H2O2 concentration was rising quite rapidly. The average treatment time per segmented area was seventy-five minutes, plus aeration time. Aeration was very fast as we could have the AC system turned on after each treatment.

Our bio-decontamination work took two working days; however, now that we know the layout and decontamination performance of these areas, the same work could be completed in one day.  According to KCDC, the earlier procedure with different vendor took four days to complete.

“The process was validated by biological indicators to have achieved a 6 log kill. After seven days of incubation, the results were confirmed without any doubt – the process was 100% successful.”

This work was critical for South Korea, which mobilized quickly to deal with COVID-19. Describing his government’s approach to the Corona virus outbreak, South Korea’s vice health minister Kim Ganglip said, “First … public participation must be secured through openness and transparency. Second … respect creative thinking and use cutting-edge technology to develop the most effective means of response.”

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In this webinar, Vaisala’s sensor technology experts welcome a manufacturer of H2O2 vapor generators to demonstrate how to integrate Vaisala’s sensors and transmitters into vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination applications.

We briefly describe Vaisala’s PEROXCAP® sensor technology and its ability to measure multiple parameters such as hydrogen peroxide vapor, temperature, and humidity – as both relative saturation and relative humidity. The relative saturation parameter, unique to Vaisala HPP270 series sensors, is crucial to a better understanding of bio-decontamination processes and we will explain how it will benefit your bio-decontamination processes. 

Learn how to integrate Vaisala’s sensor technology with control systems to ensure accurate measurement and consistent bio-decontamination processes. We provide a case study from Cleamix, a Finnish H2O2 vapor generator manufacturer that uses Vaisala’s H2O2 sensors to monitor and control the vapor generation with the portable series of Cleamix VCS-100 devices. Two Cleamix representatives will explain the advantages of integrated sensors for monitoring and controlling. Our Cleamix presenters will provide a case study of an effective bio-decontamination of a hospital room. 

This webinar is of interest to: 

  • Bio-decontamination original equipment manufacturers
  • Bio-decontamination cycle development experts
  • Pharmaceutical development and project managers
  • Validation and quality experts
  • Bio-decontamination service providers and consultants
  • Facility managers
  • Anyone researching best practices in H2O2 bio-decontamination

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Chris Basilides

Apr 24, 2020
would like to ask details on CLEAMIX OY, portable vaporised hydrogen peroxide generator and how much is it?

I am Chris Basilides from the Philippines

thanks so much

Janice Bennett-Livingston

Apr 25, 2020
Dear sir,

Thank you for your comment. I have forwarded your email to Cleamix. You can learn more about their products at:

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