Urea-Ammoniumnitrate (UAN) Production Process

Process and product quality control in urea-ammonium nitrate production 

Ammonium nitrate (AN) and urea are used as feedstocks in the urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) liquid fertilizers production.

Typically, most UAN solutions contain 28%, 30% or 32% nitrogen but other customized concentrations (including additional nutrients) are also produced.

Urea, ammonium nitrate and water are mixed in the final tank. The solution is then measured, mixed and cooled. 

Vaisala Polaris process refractometers is monitoring the mixing of urea and ammonium nitrate. Another important measurement point is for the finished product storage tank.  The refractive index (RI) value is used to monitor the addition of urea and ammonium nitrate.  RI is an essential quality parameter for the finished product concentration.

Lean more details about the urea-ammonium nitrate production process from the application note.

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