Salt Production (Sulfate in Brine)

Sodium sulfate, Na2SO4 measurement in brine

Brines are widely used as a flavoring agent, preservative or color developer. Brines are made by dissolving sodium chloride (NaCl), or simply salt.

In food and chemicals special grades of brines are used that require pre-treatment to remove calciums. In saturated brine there can be dissolved sodium 
sulfate (Na2SO4).

Saturated brine is heated to crystallize and evaporate. It is essential to know the amount of sulfate present in the brine to achieve both rapid production and high salt quality. 

Vaisala Polaris Process Refractometer measures the sulfate levels of the brine in the crystallizing evaporator. By measuring the amount 
of impurities, the crystallization process can be controlled better, thus resulting in high purity salt with reduced production times.

Learn the details of the sulfate measurement in brine form the application note.

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