Metalworking and Machining

Concentration measurement of hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, cooling lubricants and washing liquids in metalworking and machining

In the process of metal machining a lubricant or a metalworking fluid is used for cooling, lubrication and corrosion resistance. 

Over time, the used cutting fluids can become contaminated by chips and fines, tramp oil, bacteria and dissolved salts. Therefore,  monitoring the pH, water hardness and fluid concentration is essential in preventing failure of the fluid.

In-line Vaisala PolarisTM process refractometer provides accurate and continuous measurement of the coolant-to-water ratio. The in-line refractometer is used at the following stages of the metal machining process:

1. Quenching/tempering and casting process. Ensuring high final product quality by measuring the concentration of the used fluid.

2. Cooling/Cutting. Control of concentration of cooling lubricants in feed and recycling lines.

3. Washing of the machine.  Detecting the correct concentration of the washing liquid to ensure that the excess grease and oil have been removed.

4. Rinsing of components. Control of the concentration of the rinsing bath and for the need for its replenishment. 

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