Liquid Ammonia or Ammonium Hydroxide Production Process

Control of ammonia dilution in ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH production process

Ammonia is mainly produced via the Haber process. The raw material is natural gas or fuel oil (naphtha), which produces hydrogen (H2) for the steam reforming process. The process is divided into five steps which are sulfur removal, steam reformation, CO-conversion, purifying and ammonia synthesis. 

Vaisala Polaris™ process refractometer measures the concentration of liquid ammonia after dilution. Final concentration of ammonia is typically around 25% with measurement taken at ambient temperature. The refractometer can be easily calibrated either to read NH3 (ammonia-in-water) or NH4OH (ammonium hydroxide) in water.

The refractometer provides Ethernet and 4-20 mA output signals that can be used for automatic control of the dilution process.

Learnt he details of the liquid ammonia production process from the application note.

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