Biodiesel Glycerol Refining

Glycerol concentration control at all stages of biodiesel glucerol refining 

Petrochemical, animal fat and vegetable oil-based biodiesel industries produce glycerol (glycerin) as a by-product. The crude glycerol contains impurities and therefore needs to be refined in order to be used in food, cosmetics and drugs manufacturing. 

Glycerol is first physically refined which means filtration or centrifugation, chemical additions and fractional vacuum distillation. This yields a variety of commercial grades. The glucerol is further purified by vacuum distillation, activated carbon bleaching, deodorizing and ion-exchange followed by flash drying to remove trace properties.

In-line Vaisala PolarisTM process refractometer helps to achieve the target glycerol concentration, improve evaporation efficiency and reduce energy cost.

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