Autoxidation process: hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide extraction, distillation and concentration control

Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, is manufactured by the autoxidation (AO) process. In the process, first the anthraquinone is reduced and then H2O2 is received in the following oxidation step.

Hydrogen peroxide is separated from water and concentrated and stored at standard commercial strengths of 35-65%. Organic solvents present in hydrogen peroxide are also remove dat the concentration stage. 

Vaisala Polaris™ Process Refractometer measurement serves at several points in a H2O2 plant:

  • Ensuring peroxide extraction efficiency. H2O2 concentration at this point is 30-40%.
  • H2O2 distillation control. The refractometer can be used to adjust reflux and boil-up in distillation in order to enhance separation and reduce energy costs.

Hydrogen Peroxide often contains a lot of hydrogen gas bubbles that have no influence on the accurate refractometer measurement due to its digital sensing technology. 

Easy installation of the refractometer in the main line eliminates the need for sampling and off-line testing.

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