Ammonium Nitrate Production Process

Process and product quality control in ammonium nitrate production process

On industrial scale, ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is used in explosives and fertilizers production. It is also used for the treatment of titanium ores.

Ammonium nitrate is produced by reacting nitric acid with ammonia. The resulting solution is concentrated to 97.5-98% in a final concentrator. The concentrated solution is fed to a prilling tower, and some part of the solution is fed to a slurry tank. 

In the slurry tank, the filler is dispersed, the oversize and small fines are melted, the 97.5% ammonium nitrate solution from the concentrator is discharged, and the moisture content of the mixture is adjusted by the addition of scrubbing liquor.

Vaisala Polaris™ process refractometer is installed on the concentrator and slurry tank outflows. This measurement is critical to create a uniform prill and to prevent the need for reprocessing.

The in-line refractometer provides continuous monitoring of the ammonium nitrate process to achieve a product of high quality.

Learn about the details of the ammonium nitrate production from the application note.

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