Vaisala PEROXCAP ® Sensor for measuring vaporized hydrogen peroxide, relative saturation and relative humidity

Vaisala Peroxcap Sensor Technology Description
Industrial Measurements
Life Science

Our new innovation is called PEROXCAP®, for measuring vaporized hydrogen peroxide, temperature, relative saturation and relative humidity. The PEROXCAP® sensor is implemented in the HPP270 series probes that are intended for ecological hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination applications.

This unique technology enables accurate and repeatable measurement of the bio-decontamination cycle with one single probe.

PEROXCAP’s unique benefits

Repeatable measurement

Excellent long-term stability

In addition to H2O2 ppm measurement, the sensor also measures humidity and temperature when combined with an additional temperature sensor
Tolerates high humidity and measures accurately even in condensing conditions

Long lifetime of the product

Accurate measurement with a traceable H2O2 factory calibration

Long annual calibration interval

Easy on-site calibration