Vaisala MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for online transformer condition monitoring

MHT410 installed
Published: Jul 24, 2017

Reference customer Use MHT410 as key part of long-term maintenance strategy

"With Vaisala's MHT410 transmitter we have an altogether more practical and reliable means of monitoring transformer performance. It allows us to optimize the technical life cycle of our transformers and react to potential faults in the very early phase of their development - avoiding costly interruptions to production. The reliability and long-lasting nature of the MHT410's technology make it a key part of our long-term maintenance strategy, helping to extend the lifetimes of our transformers.

We can react to issues in the early phase of their development – before they even become faults – and through that minimize costs caused by production interruption. We can even protect the transformer from severe faults”.

Mikko Piironen,
Maintenance Engineer at Vantaan Energy Electricity Networks Ltd.

Hydrogen, moisture in oil, and temperature readings logged at the test site.


MHT410 prototype installed in instrumentation valve at Vantaan Energia site.



MHT410 prototype installed in radiator pipeline.


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Power Transformer in Alajärvi, Finland

The Vaisala Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter MHT410 for Transformer Oil measures directly from representative transformer oil giving both reliable hydrogen trend as well as fast moisture data. MHT410 is built to last and does not have wearing parts such as membrane, pumps, hoses or batteries – maintenance free operation. Unlike conventional hydrogen and moisture meters of power transformers, the Vaisala MHT410 is easy to install and mount to an operational transformer quickly.

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