Vaisala to Deliver Lightning Detection Network to Poland

Lightning over France
Weather & Environment

Vaisala has signed a contract to deliver and install a national lightning detection network in Poland, to be operated by the Polish National Meteorological Institute. The lightning detection technology, which was acquired by Vaisala at the beginning of 2000, represents interesting future potential.

The Polish lightning detection network is very important for Vaisala since it will be an integral part of a future European wide thunderstorm hazard nowcasting network, together with the networks in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, northern Germany, Slovakia and Hungary. These networks were supplied earlier by Vaisala.

According to the agreement, Vaisala will deliver the full lightning detection network, central processing system and user terminals. The network will mainly use satellite telecommunications for data transmission, and will enable the Polish National Meteorological Institute to distribute data and warnings to key sectors of the Polish economy, including the aviation, telecommunications, electricity, industrial and defense sectors.

The project will be delivered in collaboration with the Ysselbach-Envimet Group of Austria. The project is part of the ‘Flood management and hazard reduction project’ of the Emergency Flood Recovery Project financed by the World Bank.

The article was originally published in Vaisala News 2000.