Our new purpose: Taking every measure for the planet

Taking every measure
Vaisala President and CEO Kai Öistämö
Kai Öistämö
President and CEO
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For close to 90 years, our instruments and intelligence have supported data-driven weather predictions and optimized industrial processes. But now, the alarming state of the climate demands even more. It calls for us to go above and beyond – to take every measure for the planet.
At Vaisala, our commitment to sustainability and customers has always guided us. In the face of the current environmental situation, we all must do more. As the Paris Climate Agreement's 1.5°C threshold looms closer, there's an urgent need for decisive climate measures.  

In the case of the climate crisis, numbers speak louder than words. Measurement data plays a crucial role in facing up to the challenge. It turns the invisible into the visible: numbers to decisions, and decision to actions. 

Our updated purpose Taking every measure for the planet reflects how we intend to expand our role as a leader in weather and industrial measurements to ensure we deliver on our ambition to enable global climate action. 

To support this recalibrated purpose and direction, we have also updated our visual brand identity. But to me, a brand is always much more than a logo or new colors – it's about understanding who we are, what we stand for, and how we leave a mark on history. 

All in for our planet 

Data and concrete numbers support decision-making and are crucial for any success. In the fight against climate change, Vaisala’s role is to provide the most reliable measurement data, so that industries and nations around the world can make informed and better decisions when it comes to understanding, mitigating, and adapting to climate change. 

Our recalibrated purpose reflects not just what we do, but how we will do it: by taking every measure, with complete dedication to our customers. Whether it's providing data and tools for advancing the energy transition, making industrial processes more efficient, monitoring road conditions, tracking hurricanes, or exploring the unknown with innovative technology, our instruments endure the extremes – so that the Earth won’t have to. 

I’m all in for the planet. Let’s take every measure, together.

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