Vaisala launches a free DGA calculator to help with power transformer monitoring

Vaisala DGA calculator on phone in hand, with graphs and duval triangle plots
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Vaisala has today unveiled a free-to-use DGA calculator – a convenient tool to help visualize your Dissolved Gas Analysis results, e.g. from a laboratory report, or even the readings from an online monitor. 

The calculator was designed from the ground up to be an intuitive tool that everybody involved in DGA analysis can use. It gives you a quick, at-a-glance view of how your transformer is doing. No need to calculate manually or create the graphics yourself through a spreadsheet or other software. 


Visualize the state and gassing trends of your transformer 

"We wanted the calculator to take care of all the usual manual work. So, it checks your data against the typical values of the key fault gases according to both IEC and IEEE standards and gives you the results in easy-to-understand graphical format," explains Vaisala's Application Manager, Toni Mellin.

If the gases exceed their typical values, the calculator will visualize the results in Duval Triangles or Pentagon 2 – virtually the standard method for DGA fault type analysis. It also gives you quick access to the actual fault type descriptions and visually highlights your data points. 

"Due to the ability to enter current and historic data points, the calculator will also show you the change from your first DGA result to the latest, allowing you to immediately identify gassing trends over time — the most important thing in online DGA," Senja Leivo, Vaisala's Senior Industry Expert explains.


Mobile & desktop compatible – with data import & export

Data entry is simple by manual entry or CSV import. Both IEC & IEEE standards are supported.Because monitoring also happens in the field, in remote locations, the calculator is readily installable on your mobile or other smart device. While sporting powerful features, the calculator was built with ease of use in mind. "We wanted a helpful tool for use at the office, as well as on the go, not something with a million features," Senja Leivo confirms.

On the desktop version, users can even import their most recent and even historical DGA laboratory results directly into the calculator – and export the calculations in easily shareable PDF format, complete with Duval's Triangles or Pentagon, gas trend graphs, and more. 


Knowledge-sharing – for both power users and non-technical ones 

While the calculator isn't intended for deep-level DGA experts who are often used to more complex analysis tools and methods, it will come in handy as a convenient, always-on resource for advanced users as well. 

"This is an invaluable tool for those learning about DGA, whether continuous or yearly sampling, and a great help for any non-technical personnel involved in power transformer monitoring, including DGA experts" explains Toni Mellin, continuing that he and Senja even demoed the calculator to Dr. Michel Duval, the original developer of the analysis method bearing his name. 

"The calculator has a lot in common with the UI of our flagship online DGA monitor, the OptimusTM OPT100," explains Teemu Hanninen, the Product Manager for the Optimus, "but ultimately, this is a way to share knowledge and expertise. To allow the whole industry to benefit from the modern methods of power transformer condition monitoring."


Access the DGA calculator here »

Disclaimer: The results given by the DGA calculator do not constitute an expert opinion. Always consult with a power transformer specialist about any decisions regarding your power transformers.


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