Vaisala MGP262 applauded at the World Biogas Expo & Awards

Vaisala at the AD & Biogas Industry Awards, 2023.
Biogas Production

At the recent World Biogas Expo & Summit, the core topic was biotransformation – the complete move away from fossil-based fuels and other petroleum derivatives. Biogas and biomethane (renewable natural gas) are a core part of this transition, and are continuously gaining ground as the new mainstays of energy production in many economies around the world. 


The award-winning MGP262

One crowning moment of the Expo & Summit proved to be the AD & Biogas Industry Awards. Our ground-breaking instrument, the MGP262 for offgas biomethane was honored with a Highly Commended prize in the Research & Innovation category. For the second time in a row, our instruments have been awarded at the WBE – this time from among entrants in over 30 countries.

Upon receiving the prize, Vaisala's R&D project manage Irene Zakrzewski thanked the jury and peers, commenting "Being awarded for innovation deeply resonates with Vaisala, a company founded on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in measurement. I'm honored to receive this prize on behalf of the whole team. So, thank you, and let me assure you as well, that we'll be back for more!"

As Product Manager, Antti Heikkilä continues, "Such recognition from industry peers is highly appreciated, and it reinforces the message we hear from our customers and partners. In their day-to-day operation, they are putting our sensors to use in producing renewable alternatives to fossil fuels whilst minimizing greenhouse gas slip into the atmosphere.

The real prize, however, is being able to literally help turn waste into opportunities. And doing so while ensuring the supply of gas for energy and heating – a major concern given the volatile global supply situation.


MGP262: developing a winner

The MGP262 presents a clear continuance of Vaisala's mission to solve a major problem in the production of renewable, non-fossil gas: inefficiency. Put simply, renewable energy needs to be profitable on its own to be widely adopted. Inefficiencies need to be minimized both from an ecological and an economical point of view.

And this is exactly what Vaisala's Biogas team is focusing on. After turning out a true market-changing product — the MGP261 three-in-one inline multigas probe for raw biogas – the R&D team at Vaisala had their eyes set on the next level in biogas: biomethane / RNG. 

At the outset, the challenges of measuring low-concentration methane and high-concentration carbon dioxide in biogas upgrading plants' offgas streams were considerable. But having already created an optical, in situ instrument for monitoring biogas production, the team knew it could be done. Following multiple studies, proofs-of-concept and multiple pilot installations at customer locations, the project came to fruition surprisingly fast. What's more, the design & engineering teams solved this using the same form factor.

"Already when developing the MGP261, we asked ourselves "how would you like an instrument small enough to fit in your hand instead of a huge wall-mounted cabinet?". The answer was and is obvious." Antti Heikkilä explains.

"The MGP's compact design translates to easier installation in tight spaces, lower power consumption and more. For a biomethane plant this simplifies operations considerably. Instead of needing cumbersome cabinets and having to use reference gases, the MGP is a full in-situ solution that is small enough to fit in your hand. Exactly what our customers wanted," concludes Otto Tierto, Vaisala's R&D project manager for the MGP262.


Vaisala MGP262 – no money up in the air

What the MGP262 does, is that it ensures your biomethane/RNG production stays efficient — which means it is both profitable and ecologically sound. The MGP262 helps you to minimize the amount of methane that escapes into the atmosphere from your upgrading process. Ensuring this methane slip is kept to a minimum is essential for the environment, since methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and it is equally essential to profitability, since it means you will have more high-grade biomethane to sell.

The MGP262 was launched to the public in January 2021. In just over two years it has proven its worth in countless sales and across the Globe and continues to win foothold and recognition wherever biomethane / RNG is produced.

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