New IRIS Focus remote sensing software release includes 5 alert functions plus lightning animation

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With version 7.0, Vaisala IRIS Focus Remote Sensing Software has graduated from a weather radar software to a remote sensing software. So what does this mean? It means you can dig even deeper into weather data to make well-informed decisions using data from radars, lidars and lightning — which is becoming ever more critical as our planet experiences more severe weather more often.

If you aren’t yet familiar, IRIS Focus is the most modern way of making weather data products and provides an intuitive interface for this data. The modern display and data-sharing options along with a rich set of tools lets you see and analyze your remote sensing data like never before.

The results: Earlier extreme weather and storm predictions and analyses, quicker decision-making for events that may impact your environment, and more accurate precipitation classification.

In IRIS focus release 7.0 there are the six key new features: 

  • Alerts for lightning data
    IRIS Focus now includes visualization of lightning data along with associated alerting functionality, so you can monitor and receive alerts for areas of interest that are based on lightning alert criteria.
  • Alerts for combined weather datasets 
    The alerting functionality for lightning data allows you to create combined alerting criteria, such as creating a unique event that combines both weather radar data and information from a lightning network. 
  • Alert notifications 
    You can now receive several types of notifications for alerts: Visual and audible alers, plus notifications via email or SMS. These same functionalities are available for when an alert clears. 
  • Alert severities 
    IRIS Focus can now generate alerts that have different levels of severity. The level depends on the severity criterion assigned to the area of interest. Options include Information, Warning, and Alarm. 
  • Alert history panel 
    A separate alert history panel shows active and historical weather and system alerts and describes the type of the event, the severity, location, data source, start and end time, all-clear time, plus any acknowledgement for the alert. 
  • Lightning animation 
    Newly arriving lightning events are now highlighted with an animation. For instance, when viewing the TimeSpan product, and a new lightning event occurs, you can see an animated circle around the lightning icon.

In addition we have made technical improvements such as introduced Kubernetes for service orchestration and upgraded from CentOS to Alma Linux.

Learn more about IRIS Focus Remote Sensing Software.

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