Building an inclusive workplace, we build a healthier planet

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President and CEO Kai Öistämö
Kai Öistämö
President and CEO
Published: Jun 28, 2022
Working at Vaisala

Many communities around the world have celebrated Pride in June. As the recent devastating events in Oslo demonstrate, work for human rights need to continue and Pride is essential for raising awareness of LGBTQI+ rights globally. We work increasingly towards these values in Vaisala, putting even more focus on ensuring further that we form a great and welcoming work community for all despite their background. Vaisala is a professional workplace, where our employees feel engaged and proud to work. Nonetheless, we are in the beginning of the diversity journey, and there is still a lot we can do more.

To mark this month-long event, we were happy to raise awareness of LGBTQI+ in our work community last week, under the theme “Building an LGBTQI+ friendly workplace”. It is a proven fact that LGBTQI+ employees who can be themselves at work are more satisfied with their careers and have more equal opportunities, and thus they are also more like to stay in the company. We also know from research that diverse teams are happier and more innovative overall.

Inclusion is what helps diverse teams flourish, and it is firmly rooted in communication actions and language use. We have a zero tolerance towards discriminatory actions and speech, and discrimination based on gender, sexuality, or any other diversity factor is strictly prohibited. To solve any inappropriate incidences, we have a whistleblowing channel where our employees and partners can report them. I sincerely encourage anyone working with or within Vaisala to use this channel to report any injustices they may encounter.

All kinds of diversity – whether based on gender, sexual identity, culture, or other factors – should be celebrated, not stifled, in the workplace. When our people can be their true selves, feeling accepted and appreciated as they are, it benefits the whole community. This is one of the core values in modern societies and workplaces, but it also helps us to be true to our mission Observations for a better world.

Although we are in the beginning, we have also done a lot during the past year. To make a difference, however, we need to start by admitting our communities are still learning and that there are things to improve. Only by addressing this can we work towards these values, be even more innovative, and thus contribute to a healthier planet both environmentally and socially.

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