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Elvira Aliverdieva
Elvira Aliverdieva
Product & Offering Specialist, Renewable Energy PMA, Vaisala
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The world as we know it increasingly relies on digitalization. We can see this in every aspect of our lives: how we work, travel, communicate, and spend our leisure time. Digitalization is core in business, and the renewable industry is no exception. Digital tools and data help improve business practices, bringing efficiency, security and insights into your renewable energy operations. For any type of measurement campaign in the renewable sector, secure data access and management is crucial.

At Leosphere, a Vaisala company, we support this trend and seek to bring valuable wind data to the industry with a full suite of lidar solutions. As a key player in wind energy, we support the industry at every stage of the wind farm lifecycle. We provide accurate and reliable lidar measurements supported by solid, secure, and easy-to-use data management software so you can get the most out of your lidar campaigns.

Embedded insights

For example, look at WindCube Insights — Fleet. This modern, cloud-based software helps to make your campaigns easier and more efficient. It is already embedded into all WindCube vertical profiling lidars coming out of our factories in Saclay and Shanghai, because we know that wind data is only as good as the insights you can get by using this data.

The software provides WindCube users with full visibility into their campaigns. Whether it’s one lidar unit or a fleet, one user or many, onshore or offshore — wind technicians and campaign project managers gain full access to their measurement campaigns to successfully follow up on lidar performance and data collection.

Thanks to this consistent digital environment and user-friendly interface, wind industry players have access to many useful features, including but not limited to: status reporting and geographical location of your system(s), remote control (such as reboot or wiper management) and system configuration to make sure your lidar is collecting wind data at altitudes that you need. Real-time monitoring, customizable early warning alarms, data storage and export are also available, providing business-critical insights into your measurement campaign.

WindCube Nacelle: Support one system or a full fleet
WindCube Nacelle: Secure data and access management
WindCube Nacelle: Powerful visibility and control in real time

Continuing innovations

We continue to innovate and bring more value to our clients no matter their campaign types and needs. We recently launched several new WindCube Nacelle innovations, including the integration of WindCube Insights — Fleet software. “What does it mean for me?”, you may wonder. Many wind industry players rely on lidar measurements throughout their wind farm project lifecycle, from Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) to Power Performance Testing (PPT) to wind farm optimization and research applications. Many of you have a fleet of WindCube and WindCube Nacelle lidars to support your WRA campaigns as well as PPT or other on-nacelle measurements for turbine optimization and monitoring; we simply want to make your wind farm and lidar operations easier.

As nacelle-mounted lidars are continuing to prove their value for contractual and operational power curve analysis, it’s about time to provide our users with full access to their fleet with just one, simple software package. This coincides with the industry’s readiness to embrace nacelle-mounted lidar capabilities for PPT with the recent adoption of the IEC-61400-50-3 standard. WindCube Nacelle is the first lidar to receive full classification according to the IEC standard.

Another software tool? Why not!

To further support PPT campaigns and adoption of nacelle-mounted lidar, we provide WindCube Insights — Analytics. This is especially useful because it allows for quick, transparent, and IEC-compliant power curve analysis and AEP calculations. We know that power curve testing is a strict and sometimes complicated process; that’s why the software is designed to allow both SCADA and WindCube Nacelle data upload for transparent validations, simplified data and time synchronization, data filtering, and clear power curve visualization and analytics.

WindCube Insights – Analytics software takes nacelle lidar measurements to another level, providing insights for complete power curve campaigns as well as other types of data analysis such as:

  • In-depth turbine failures and under-performances due to specific wind conditions
  • Yaw offset determination
  • Nacelle transfer function
WindCube Nacelle: Analysis Apps


WindCube Nacelle: Data sync


WindCube Nacelle: Power curve


Some of our clients have tested WindCube Analytics software, and here is what they said: “For me, the biggest benefit of the software is bringing everything to one place,” points out Andrew Davidson, Wind Analyst at SSE Renewables. Tune in to our recent webinar to learn about WindCube Nacelle’s capabilities and practical considerations from our guest speakers ENGIE North America, DNV, and GE Renewables.

Powerful insights for smarter wind energy

With these two powerful software packages, we truly hope to bring meaningful insights into wind measurement campaigns, data analysis, and decision making. At Leosphere, a Vaisala company, we appreciate innovations and positive business transformations.

Hence, combining our knowledge and efforts with Vaisala’s 85+ years of experience in environmental measurements and monitoring, we continue to make renewable energy smarter. Who knows, perhaps we are already working on something equally exciting?