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Anna Ruokonen
Published: Jan 31, 2019
Working at Vaisala

“Detector Comparison for Carbocap Products” is among next summer’s Giant Leap internship projects. It is one of our opportunities, where you get a deep dive into Research and Development work. What kind of work does the project contain? Anna Ruokonen, Research Scientist (Vaisala’s Industrial Measurement Business Area) opens up the project a bit more.

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The Vaisala CARBOCAP® carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor was launched in 1997, and since then this reliable and stable sensor has been delivering accurate CO2 measurements across a wide range of industries and applications. The sensing technology is based on infrared absorption of CO2 and the same principle can be applied for several other gases as well. Infrared (IR) detectors detect the amount of IR radiation passing through gas which depends on the gas concentration. This is how we can deduct the gas concentration with the help of the IR detectors. 

The core of our Giant Leap project involves just these detectors, as you will get to test and compare IR detectors consisting of different sensor chips and components. The work contains chip and sensor level testing as well as analysis of the test data.

This project is a unique opportunity, as you will get a real peak to what actual research and development work contains. You will familiarize yourself with our optical sensors – especially their IR detectors – and you can have real impact and propose your own development ideas. When I was a Giant Leaper myself, I found it enjoyable that I was able to execute my own independent project while surrounded by nice and supportive team members and the positive atmosphere they created.

The team you will work with consists of curious, smart and cooperative people – both scientists and engineers. We all have different responsibilities, and our work is mostly independent, so frequent discussions and meetings are an important part of everyday work. For example, my work includes a lot of measurements and data analysis, which are needed for the continuous improvement of the technology and CARBOCAP® products. 

We are looking for a curious and cooperative Giant Leap intern to join our team. We hope you have true interest in working with research and development as well as a background in material science, spectroscopy, electronics or physics. Experience in independent laboratory work and good Excel and/or Matlab skills are a plus.

Application period is open until Feb 10, 2019! 

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Giant Leap is Vaisala's internship program for 3+ year students in a university or polytechnic. We'll hire up to 20 students for a period of three months over the summer to our head office in Vantaa Finland and our US head office in Louisville, Colorado. As a Giant Leap intern, you'll work either individually, in pairs or together with experienced Vaisala employees on real-life projects that have genuine business relevance.

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