UVIG Awards Vaisala for Leadership in Wind Integration Research

Illustrative snippet of a Vaisala wind resource map, focusing on Canada
Naomi Stringfield
Marketing Manager
Published: May 12, 2016
Wind and Solar Energy 

This week UVIG, the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group, announced its 2016 Technical Achievement Honorees, which recognized groups from the United States, Canada, China, and France. Dr. Jim McCaa of Vaisala was honored for his contribution to the Pan Canadian Wind Integration Study along with project collaborators from GE Energy Consulting, Natural Resources Canada, and CanWEA.

Dr. Jim McCaa
Dr. Jim McCaa

As wind capacity grows across the Canada, integrating large quantities of energy from this variable resource may pose challenges to grid reliability. The Pan Canadian Wind Integration Study is the first of its kind to cover all of Canada and will help mitigate these challenges by outlining the market opportunities and infrastructure requirements necessary for the country to reach its renewable integration targets at a national level. ​

“At UVIG, we realize how significant the integration and reliable operation of variable generation on electric power systems can be to ensuring future grids can accommodate ever-increasing energy demands,” said Charlie Smith, executive director, UVIG.

“This is why we are recognizing those in the industry that are leading the way as we work to create more sustainable and reliable power grids. Through the collaborative efforts of stakeholders such as federal agencies, trade associations and research organizations, our industry can identify and implement the best solutions and processes available to develop forward-thinking practices for integrating renewables into grid systems.”

​Official awards were presented by UVIG President, Ty Bettis, at the 2016 Spring Technical Workshop and Annual Meeting April 26-27 in Sacramento, California.

UVIG, first established in 1989 as the Utility Wind Integration Group, provides a forum for the critical analysis of wind and solar technology for utility applications. It also serves as a source of credible information on the status of wind and solar technology and deployment. The group’s mission is to accelerate the development and application of good engineering and operational practices supporting the appropriate integration and reliable operation of variable generation on the electric power system.

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