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Tomi Pietari
Head of Production Technologies
Feb 02nd 2018
Working at Vaisala

In our next summer’s Giant Leap internship project “Vaisala Factory Monitoring and Visualization”, you get to contribute to the daily operations of our factory. See what the project supervisor, Head of Production Technologies Tomi Pietari, has to tell about the project.


Application period has ended (Feb 11)!

Tomi Pietari

Head of Production Technologies

I have worked in Vaisala for a bit over 17 years, currently holding the position of Head of Production Technologies. In this role, I’m responsible for keeping any production machine or tool in operational mode, whether it is clean room facility, thin film deposition machine, final product calibration equipment or manufacturing specific IT system. I also develop these elements in the factory, which frequently requires keeping eyes in the horizon and creating something new.

Giant Leap is Vaisala's internship program for 3+ year students in a university or polytechnic. We'll hire up to 20 students for a period of three months over the summer to our head office in Vantaa Finland and our US head office in Louisville, Colorado. As a Giant Leap intern, you'll work either individually, in pairs or together with experienced Vaisala employees on real-life projects that have genuine business relevance.

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