Value for Society and Environment

Society and Environment

We bring value to societies through accurate and reliable environmental measurements as well as decision-making support for national and local authorities and businesses. This way we help societies become better-informed, more resource efficient, and safer.

Better-Informed Societies

Vaisala works together with nearly all meteorological institutes in the world, supporting them in providing accurate, real-time information and forecasts on weather all around the globe. We also collaborate with international funding agencies and weather experts to build capacity for weather observation networks and competence in developing economies.

Extreme weather, such as hurricanes, can have devastating consequences on local economies and livelihoods. We manufacture hurricane-tracking dropsondes that are used in in situ measurements inside a hurricane, providing essential information for forecasting the path and the intensity of the hurricane.

Air pollution is a threat to the health and well-being of people. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that poor air quality causes seven million premature deaths annually ( 12.2.2019); three million of these are directly linked to ambient air pollution. People living in low and middle-income countries are affected the most by outdoor air pollution.

Local air quality monitoring networks will help authorities pinpoint and manage the problem areas, especially in cities. With accurate and real-time air quality information, also citizens can adjust their activities according to the current air quality situation in different parts of the city.

Resource Efficiency

Our solutions improve the energy and material efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Buildings are globally one of the biggest consumers of energy. Smart buildings save energy and keep their users healthy. For good results, building automation must be based on reliable measurements. Vaisala’s building automation solutions optimize indoor air and conserve energy by timely air conditioning through accurate measurement of humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels in buildings. We also help the operators of energy-intensive data centers to cool down their facilities as energy efficiently as possible through measurement instruments attached to their building automation systems.

Vaisala’s measurement technologies also improve resource efficiency in various industrial production processes. Accurate measurements enable our customers to optimize their production and reduce their energy consumption. In diverse condition-sensitive processes, for example in the wood-processing and metal industries, accurate measurements can prevent the waste of materials caused by incorrect process conditions.


Our technologies help our customers maintain safe operating environments in many parts of society. Weather affects all transportation sectors, whether shipping goods or transporting people. The aviation industry is dependent on accurate weather information to minimize delays and ensure safe operations. Road authorities can mitigate accidents with roadside weather warnings and plan winter operations more efficiently with advance information about prevailing weather conditions. Railway operators, especially those of high-speed trains, benefit from wind warnings: trains can slow down when wind conditions become dangerous. The maritime sector depends on weather forecasts in harbor operations as well as safe transportation of people and goods. Even missions to space require safe weather conditions during launches.

Economic Value

Vaisala has a positive impact on local communities through employment and taxes, both directly and through its supply chain. Responsible business practices and use of local suppliers create indirect benefits to local communities.

Collaboration in the Scientific Community

Vaisala is an active player in the scientific community. Scientific collaboration strengthens our position as an industry pioneer and an innovative technology leader. We collaborate with the leading research institutes and universities to advance studies related to environmental and industrial measurements across various scientific and technological fields. 

Our collaboration partners include, for example, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Colorado State University, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in the United States. Vaisala’s key scientific research partners also include a number of national meteorological offices around the world. In addition, Vaisala is an active participant in United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Community Outreach

As a global leader in measurement technology and as an active member of society, we support our stakeholders, promote higher education and research, and help new generations learn more about science.

Vaisala provides charitable donations with products, funding, or services to non-profit organizations through its Community Outreach Program. The Program’s overall objective is to support organizations and projects that advance environmental awareness and science education. All our outreach activities are in line with our values and resonate well with topical issues close to our business, such as climate, weather, environmental and industrial measurements, and environmental sciences.