Value for society and the environment

Pedestrians and traffic in Helsinki city center

We bring value to societies through accurate and reliable environmental measurements as well as decision-making support for national and local authorities and businesses. This way we help societies become better-informed, more resource efficient, and safer. In addition, we create value through significant investments in R&D and collaboration with the scientific community.

Better-informed societies

Vaisala works together with nearly all meteorological institutes in the world, supporting them in gathering accurate weather observations for weather forecasts that are critical for societies. We also collaborate with international funding agencies and weather experts to build capacity for weather observing networks and competence in developing economies. This way we help these societies to be better prepared for extreme weather and its impacts.

Health services are also one of the foundation pillars of an informed society, and for example hospitals require accurate and reliable environmental monitoring of their various activities. Vaisala’s viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System monitors the critical parameters in, among other spaces, blood and tissue banks, where continuous monitoring ensures that the materials are preserved and remain viable. Our solutions are also widely used to monitor the manufacturing and storing of different medicines, such as the vaccine for COVID-19 in 2020.

Resource efficiency

Vaisala’s measurement solutions improve resource efficiency in various industrial production processes. Accurate measurements enable our customers to optimize their production as well as reduce their energy consumption and material loss. With the data from Vaisala’s measurement instruments, the air conditioning in data centers can be optimized energy efficiently, for example.

Vaisala’s road weather stations and MD30 mobile detectors provide real-time data that, combined with road weather model, heat maps, and information systems, help to optimize road winter maintenance. Timely decisions on anti-icing, de-icing, and snow ploughing increase safety and resource efficiency as well as reduce the environmental effects of chemicals used in road maintenance.


Our technologies help our customers maintain safe operating environments in many parts of society. Extreme weather, such as hurricanes, can have devastating consequences for local economies and livelihoods. Vaisala’s hurricane-tracking dropsondes can make in situ measurements inside a hurricane, providing essential information for forecasting its path and intensity. This advance information helps to safeguard both lives and infrastructure.

The essential institutions in society, such as hospitals and production facilities, consume electricity to guarantee safe operations. Our solutions make it easy to maintain and monitor the devices that are critical for power production and distribution, such as high voltage transformers. Continuous transformer condition monitoring supports smart power grids, where electricity consumption is controlled and adjusted as needed. With reliable online monitoring, operators can move from reactive operations to preventive maintenance, which enables them to detect faults in time and thus prevent power outages that would risk the safety and operation of society.

Economic value

Vaisala has a positive impact on local communities through employment and taxes, both directly and through its supply chain. Responsible business practices and use of local suppliers create indirect benefits to local communities. Vaisala is committed to ensuring that it follows local and international tax rules and regulations in all jurisdictions where it conducts its business. We only engage in tax transactions that have a sound business rationale. We do not operate in tax haven countries for tax reasons. We comply with OECD transfer pricing guidelines and local legislations in relation to all of our intercompany transactions.

Active community outreach and scientific collaboration

In addition to Vaisala’s own research and development work, scientific collaboration strengthens our position as an industry pioneer and an innovative technology leader. Vaisala continues to be a contributor to many organizations, advancing technological development in several fields of study as well as supporting higher education, research, and science education.

Vaisala is a wide-ranging, research- and innovation-focused technology company, and our collaboration partners include several different organizations, research institutions, corporations, meteorological institutes, and universities from around the world and from different fields of technology. Also academic research around the world is an integral part of the development of Vaisala’s science-based innovations, and our experts participate in collaboration with several universities. In the field of science education, Vaisala aims to enhance awareness of natural sciences, innovations, and the environment by supporting research and education focused on these subjects.

Vaisala provides charitable donations with products, funding, or services to non-profit organizations as part of its community outreach activities. Our overall objective is to support organizations and projects that advance environmental awareness and science education. All our outreach activities are in line with our values and resonate well with topical issues close to our business, such as climate, weather, environmental and industrial measurements, and environmental sciences. Vaisala does not donate funds to political parties, causes, or campaigns.

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