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JUST ANNOUNCED: Vaisala Launches its World-Class AQT530 Air Quality Transmitter

Vaisala recently announced the availability of its best-in-class AQT530 air quality sensor and monitoring solution, which is cost-effective, scalable, accurate, and easy-to-set-up — putting cities in control of air quality decisions. The new AQT530 sensor leverages an innovative weather and environmental intelligence platform – providing accurate, reliable, real-time measurement of pollutant gases and particulates. See how this new offering improves decision-making and empowers stakeholders in urban communities around the world.



Complete Air Quality Insight

Air quality is an essential factor in creating smarter, healthier communities. And air quality is always connected to the weather. Because of this, air quality measurements are much more valuable if they are accompanied by real-time data about wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and other factors that directly affect pollution and its travel. This is why Vaisala allows customers to integrate our next-generation air quality sensors with versatile, reliable weather sensing solutions.

With Vaisala’s exceptional products grounded in science and innovation, communities can now combine enhanced air quality measurements with weather intelligence for the complete package. The right access to the right information allows people to connect deeper to their environment and new ways of thinking about business and community.

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Air Quality Monitoring Applications

New air quality and weather intelligence innovations are changing the way we make decisions about our communities. Our air quality monitoring solutions allow you to measure the most critical pollutants in urban environments — all in real-time — so that you can actively inform citizens, increase awareness, and decrease the effects of pollution. Applications include:

  • Providing Environmental Protection Agencies with air quality, weather, and high-quality air resolution monitoring.
  • Supporting smart lighting pole manufacturers and integrators with new technology.
  • Facilitating air quality and weather monitoring equipment for smart city traffic management.
  • Helping city infrastructure and outdoor media companies with visibility into air quality and weather insights.
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Introducing AQT530: Providing communities with a clearer picture of air quality

Join us to learn how our new Air Quality Transmitter AQT530 delivers the precise real-time air quality insights needed to enhance situational awareness and improve lives in your communities.



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