Renewable energy

Windmills at sunset

Various forms of clean and renewable energy are becoming increasingly competitive and common as well as help mitigate climate change. The variable nature of renewable energy sources highlights the importance of site selection, real-time forecasting capabilities, and continuous monitoring as ways to ensure stable energy production.

Vaisala’s response to renewable energy

Vaisala’s measurement technologies help to make wind and solar power plants even more efficient. Accurate measurements enable our customers to select the optimal site for their wind parks, for example, as well as monitor, predict, and plan operations. Weather observations can also be utilized to optimize hydroelectric power plants.

Biogas provides significant opportunities for industrial needs and transportation. Vaisala’s measurement solution for biogas process optimization helps to generate more value from waste by decreasing production costs and increasing the efficiency of the biogas plant. Vaisala’s products enable also the optimal performance of fuel cells in the hydrogen economy.