Lightning Integrator API

An easy to integrate API that improves the accuracy of weather incident analysis systems with access to more global real-time lightning data than any other database.

Easy & Infrastructure-Free

Add an easily queried, comprehensive lightning database to existing storm analysis and reporting tools. Simple API integration delivers seamless access to the ever-expanding repository of current and historical Vaisala lightning data. With Integrator you can:

  • Integrate 24/7/365 global thunderstorm and lightning data from a single source that delivers uptime of 99.99+%
  • Differentiate between cloud-to-ground (CG) stroke or intra-cloud (IC) pulse events with detailed strike data for each event
  • Incorporate date and time, precise latitude and longitude, peak current, polarity, and other specific lightning data for more reliable analysis and better decision making

Lightning Integrator API gives access to the most accurate, reliable lightning data system that monitors total real-time lightning activity across the globe, 24/7/365. It also eliminates the need to purchase, install, or maintain any lightning detection sensors or hardware.

Try Lightning Integrator API

Contact Vaisala for access to real-time thunderstorm and lightning data you can easily integrate into your weather reporting tools and see for yourself just how much the power of the highest quality, accurate lightning data can expand your forensic analysis capabilities