Helideck Monitoring Software MCC437

Vaisala Helideck Monitoring Software MCC437 is PC software designed for use with the Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System (HMS). It is used for displaying, storing, editing, and reporting the meteorological and environmental measurement data needed for planning helideck operations as well as for general weather information on vessels and offshore installations. Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System can be fully automatic or manned.

Technical Data

Minimum hardware requirements
​Personal computer Desktop/Laptop Processor ​2.0+ GHz
​RAM ​1024 MB
​Hard disk space ​Software: 100 MB
Data storage​ 1 GB/Year​
​Ports ​Ethernet/LAN Serial/USB port (may require an adapter)
Monitor resolution 1024 x 768 pixels (or higher)​
​Drives ​CD-ROM required for installation



​Operating systems ​Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server


CAP437 compliant
Displays and logs data as a part of Vaisala Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)
Visual and audible alarms
Traffic light feature for indicating helideck status
Helideck and aviation report
Remote client PC display option
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Key Benefits

Easy to install and operate
Vaisala Helideck Monitoring Software presents meteorological data in numerical and graphical formats. Users can choose from a range of engineering units when displaying the latest measurement values on the easy-to-use default screen layout. There is also an option to have modified data labels and data fields if some measurement values need to be added or removed from the display.
Provides data for various helideck operations
The software automatically generates a helideck report that can be emailed to an onshore helicopter base. The report includes data on the environmental conditions on site as well as additional information on the helideck including location and fuel availability. The operator can also manually edit the data and add observations and notes to the report.
The system can automatically generate the CAP437 compliant METAR report.