RoadDSS Weather Manager

Faster, better decisions for road management through accurate, comprehensive data collection and communication.

    Data at your fingertips

    The most advanced tool in Vaisala’s RoadDSS suite, Weather Manager collects all relevant fixed and mobile weather data, vehicle traffic, and satellite and radar information into one centralized location. Users can view multiple or single sites and obtain complete transportation forecast services, including atmospheric, road surface and friction, and consultative options.

    Past, present, and future road weather data is available and easily accessible. The display feature represents historic data as it would’ve appeared during the actual event, providing a valuable learning tool for analysis of past performance and preparation for future events.

    Versatile functionality

    RoadDSS Weather Manager can be used as both a communication and a reporting platform, and features a customer designed interface with customizable views. Data import and export capabilities, as well as internal and external communication enable this hosted software solution to meet specific user needs.

    Customized proposals

    Integrate local road authority operational policies to generate customized treatment proposals based on agency guidelines and best practices. These proposals provide efficient and consistent information to support agency decision making. Users can choose whether proposals are automated or manually created.

    Centralized communication

    RoadDSS Weather Manager streamlines communication by collecting all data in a centralized location and then issuing uniform, consistent, and on-going communications to all stakeholders.

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    A New Season for Winter Road Maintenance

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